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Better Together.

You can help clients who may not qualify for traditional lending options, gain access to their home equity with our sale-leaseback program.

Simple Lending (1)


Our underwriting process is flexible and has fewer restrictions than traditional lending. Our Cash & Stay program is not credit-based and we don't turn away homeowners that have high debt. Partnering with us can help create a more robust funnel of contacts for you.


The process is simple and fair. Your client receives a fair offer for their property. The home is purchased,  and within 30 days the client can then pay off their mortgage and any other miscellaneous debt. Creating a smooth transaction for you and new time for the client to reset their debt.

How our sale-leaseback program helps.


We’ll purchase your client’s home and they no longer have the hassles associated with the home — no more pesky repairs, deferred maintenance, property taxes or surprise expenses.


Your client doesn't have to worry about the expenses or stress of moving. They get to stay in the comfort of their home, with a lease-back term that's right for them.


You get to help your client get the cash influx they need. Setting them up for financial success to purchase their next home in the future.


Best of all, these clients fit a different audience than traditional lending offers. Creating a new pipeline of contacts for you.

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