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Better Together.

You are going to love working with us. You can help clients get cash out of their homes without moving.


Your client stays in the comfort of their home & you get a full commission.

If you know a homeowner who has built up equity in their home and needs to get out of their mortgage, but doesn’t want to move, we can help. No matter the situation we can help them access the cash they want from their home.

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How our sale-leaseback program helps.


We’ll purchase your client’s home and they no longer have the hassles associated with the home — no more pesky repairs, deferred maintenance, property taxes or surprise expenses.


Your client doesn't have to worry about the expenses or stress of moving. They get to stay in the comfort of their home, with a lease-back term that's right for them.


You get to help your client and earn your full listing commission.


Best of all, you don't have to spend money listing, or waste time showing the home. That’s a win-win-win!

Steve's Story

Steve loved his family home, which was originally purchased by his grandfather. He recently suffered a job loss and had a hard time finding work. He's reached $15k in debt and couldn’t afford the upkeep on the house. He was looking at roof repairs, A/C and water heater replacement, plus a slew of other plumbing issues. After selling to us and leasing the home back he’s been able to resolve his debt, the repairs were no longer his responsibility, and best of all, his family will stay in their home for 5 more years.

Steve's Story

Mark's Story

Mark and his family are ready to move into their dream home. They’ve worked hard and are financially stable. But building a new home doesn’t always happen on your ideal timeline. To ensure the smoothest possible transition, Mark sold his current home to us and opted for a 6-month lease back and was able to extend to 9 months. We were able to pay them what they wanted for their current home, skip all of the costs and disruptions of a market sale, and ensure they had the buffer they needed to comfortably transition to their new dream home.

Mark's Story

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