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Same Home. New You.



Unlock Your Home's Value.

Our sale-leaseback program allows you to access the equity in your house while staying in the comfort of your home. Offering you the time and space to reset and achieve your financial goals.

Not Credit-Based

High credit card debt, poor credit score, behind on payments-- whatever the situation, we don’t think those things should hold you back from accessing the equity you’ve built in your home.


Sometimes its hard to know what you are doing tomorrow, let alone what you plan to do in a few years. Take the time to start new opportunities or get back on your feet and enjoy our flexible lease terms.

A New Look

Gain quick access to cash by tapping into the equity in your home. You can pay off debt or go on that vacation you've always dreamt about!


Watch Trish's Story...

Trish and her family loved their home, but unfortunately ran into some hard financial times. Traditional finance options weren't available. Thanks to our Cash & Stay program, Trish and her family are back on track and get to stay in the comfort of their home.

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Cash & Stay

Staying made simple.


Our Cash & Stay program offers a simple, financially savvy solution that allows people who own homes to leverage their property and reclaim their financial freedom through the equity they've built in their home.

Cash & Move

Moving made easy.


With our Cash & Move program, we understand that selling a home can be overwhelming at times. Our goal is to simplify the process of selling your home to make a cumbersome exercise effective and convenient.

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What our customers are saying.


FRANK. has done hundreds of these deals and we can put all of that experience to work for you. We can ensure that your transaction is a mutually beneficial closing for both parties, ultimately creating a successful and lasting legacy that is gratifying for everyone.

FRANK. provided an excellent service with their Cash & Stay program. They met all our needs and prior to Andy and his team reaching out, there were not many options. We had a hard time with any other company meeting our needs. Needed to lease prior to our new home being completed and we got it with FRANK. Much easier to plan our move without having to do it twice which has allowed my family to concentrate elsewhere. The everlasting relationship built with this company is the best and I gladly would recommend their services.
Mark V.
Phoenix, AZ Resident
I am doing much better now that I found this type of opportunity to be able to get ahead in my situation and still stay in my home. I am on disability and do not have many options to help me with my mortgage needs. Andrew and Stephanie were very helpful and took the time with me to walk me through the process. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to participate with the team at FRANK. Thank you for everything.
Steve F.
Phoenix, AZ Resident
I don't know where I would be if it had not been for Frank.'s program. When everyone was saying no, sorry, can't help; Frank. said no problem. The staff is phenomenal! They answered all of my questions. Thank you!
Angela M.
Forth Worth, TX Resident