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Transform Your Home Equity Into Cash

Are mortgage payments weighing you down, drowning you in a sea of financial stress? Is the burden of debt hindering your hopes of a brighter future? Whether you're facing unemployment, health challenges, or struggling to qualify for a loan due to income or credit issues, we have the perfect solutions for you – the Home Sale-Leaseback and the Home Equity Agreement.

You can access a significant portion of your home's equity now and the rest later when you decide to sell or buy back the property. This gives you the freedom to use the funds as needed today while maintaining the option to capitalize on the total value of your home in the future.

We recognize that every homeowner's situation is unique. That's why our team is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs. Make the smart choice for your financial well-being.

Watch Trish's Story to learn more about how this modern alternative to refinancing works and explore the full benefits below.

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FAQs About A Residential Sale & Leaseback

Because Stay Frank.’s home sale-leaseback program is truly unlike traditional lending models, it’s no surprise you have questions! Get your answers, instantly.

What is a home sale-leaseback exactly, and why is it a smart option?

To understand how Stay Frank.'s program works, let's break down the phrase into its two core parts: "home sale" and "leaseback."

  1. The first part, “home sale,” is a direct translation: it implies you are selling your house. In a sale-leaseback real estate arrangement, we connect you with trustworthy investor partners who offer you a fair market value to buy your house.
  2. The second part of the phrase— “leaseback”— is a key addition: you as the homeowner sell your house to our trusted investor; however, you get to lease it back. This means you will still live in your home as a temporary tenant. You simply become a renter by signing a lease and paying a monthly fee to stay in the home for a predetermined amount of time. That’s why a home sale-leaseback is also often synonymously referred to as a “sale-and-leaseback,” because you are selling your home while continuing to live in it as a leasing tenant for a bit longer.

To learn more about the benefits of our program, explore our Why a Home Sale-Leaseback? resource.

What qualifications must I meet to be eligible for your home sale-leaseback program?

We will ask you a series of simple questions about you and your home to qualify you for our home sale-leaseback program, including:

  • Your employment status
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms your house has
  • How much cash you are looking to get from the final sale

Check out our Do I Qualify? page for a full list of qualifications.

Do I have to move out of my house?

With our sale-leaseback program, you have two options! At the end of your lease term, you can:

    1. Transition into the next chapter of your life by selling and starting over in a better financial position and ready for your next home. Or
    2. Select the option to repurchase your home at a percentage of the market value and retain the appreciated equity.

If you're considering our HEA program, you can end that program at any time by listing and selling your home to move on to the next one, or repurchase the fraction of the shared equity and regain full ownership of the house and stay.

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Angela M.
Fort Worth, TX Resident

I don't know where I would be had it not been for Stay Frank's program. When everyone was saying no, sorry, can't help; Stay Frank. said no problem. The staff is phenomenal! They answered all of my questions. Thank you!

Mark V.
Phoenix, Arizona Resident

Stay Frank. provided and excellent service with their Cash & Stay program. They met all our needs and prior to their team reaching out, there were not many options. We had a hard time with any other company meeting our needs. Needed to lease prior to our new home being completed and we got it with Stay Frank. Much easier to plan our move without having to do it twice which has allowed my family to concentrate elsewhere. The everlasting relationship built with this company is the best and I gladly would recommend their services.

Steve F.
Phoenix, AZ Resident

I am doing much better now that I found this opportunity to be able to get ahead in my situation and still stay in my home. StayFrank. was very helpful and took the time to walk me through the process. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate with the team at Stay Frank. Thank you for everything.

Rebecca R.
Phoenix, Arizona Resident

Selling my house was so easy. They are very professional and are with you every step of the way. Highly recommend.