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Frequently Asked Questions About A Home Sale-Leaseback.

Got Questions?

Selling your home and leasing it back as a tenant is a relatively new concept; it’s a unique and modern way to tap into your home equity without refinancing or adjusting your mortgage. 

Because Stay Frank.’s home sale-leaseback program is truly unlike traditional lending models, it’s no surprise you have questions! Explore our FAQs and fill out our form below to speak with one of our home sale-leaseback experts.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a home sale-leaseback exactly, and why is it a smart option?

To understand how Stay Frank.’s program works, let’s break down the phrase into its two core parts: “home sale” and “leaseback.”

  1. The first part, “home sale,” is a direct translation: it implies you are selling your house. In a sale-leaseback real estate arrangement, we connect you with trusted investors who offer you a fair market value to buy your house.

  2. The second part of the phrase— “leaseback”— is a key addition: you as the homeowner sell your house to our trusted investor; however, you get to lease it back. This means we allow you to still live in it as a temporary tenant. You simply become a renter by signing a lease and paying a monthly fee to stay in the home for a predetermined amount of time. That’s why a home sale-leaseback is also often synonymously referred to as a “sale-and-leaseback,” because you are selling your home while continuing to live in it as a leasing tenant for a bit longer.

To learn more about the benefits of our program, explore our Why a Home Sale-Leaseback? resource. 

2. Can I still qualify if I have bad credit?

Yes! Our program is not credit-based. Check out our Do I Qualify? page for a full list of qualifications. 

3. What qualifications must I meet to be eligible for your home sale-leaseback program?

We will ask you a series of simple questions about you and your home to qualify you for our home sale-leaseback program, including:

  • Your employment status 
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms your house has  
  • How much cash you are looking to get from the final sale 

Check out our Do I Qualify? page for a full list of qualifications.

4. Do I have to move out of my house?

We’re going to give it to you Frank.: Ultimately, yes, you will move out. However, the benefit of leasing your home as a tenant is prolonging the “when.” Most Stay Frank. customers stay anywhere from a few months to up to 5 years. The average customer signs a 2-year lease.

We know it can be hard to say goodbye, however, the point of our home sale-leaseback program is to help you transition into the next chapter of your life. You are selling your house to start over in a better financial position— and we’re here to help you ease into your new home with less debt and stress.

5. How much can I get for my home?

You can expect to receive an offer comparable to selling your home with a realtor. Our trusted investors offer fair market value for your home based on its current condition, neighborhood, square footage, and amenities. 

Your final cashout amount will vary based on the value of your house, what you still owe on the mortgage, and if you have any outstanding dues related to your home (i.e. solar or HOA fees).

6. How much can I expect to pay in rent?

Your rent cost is based on market averages for the value of the house and area. Remember that the big benefit of selling your home and becoming a renter is saving money by leasing. That’s why we work with you to keep your monthly rental cost lower than your previous mortgage payment! You have three options:

  1. Pre-Pay Your Rent in Full. Eliminate a monthly rent cost altogether by taking proceeds out of the initial sale of your home and paying your rent cost upfront in full for the entire term of your lease. Any remaining money from selling your home is yours to keep.

  2. Partial Pre-Pay. Pre-pay a portion of your rental cost to decrease your monthly out-of-pocket payments. For example, if market rent is $2,000, you could pre-pay a lump sum from your settlement cost to lower your monthly payment to $1,000. With this option, you can enjoy a lower monthly rent cost while still having the cash flow to pay off some debt and save.

  3. Full Rent Cost. If you need cash now and would like to keep the full payout for your home, you can choose to simply pay your monthly rental fee as you go. This grants you full access to your money to budget it throughout the terms of your lease. 

7. Who takes care of the inspection, closing costs, homeowner’s insurance & property taxes?

  • Inspection fee - We will handle the cost of the inspection fee for you so you have one less cost on your plate.
  • Closing costs - After your house closes, you are responsible for its closing costs. The good news is that these costs are much lower than a traditional closing fee where a realtor would take a portion for their services. For example, most realtors take 6% of the sales cost in their commissions. Our Cash & Stay program eliminates commission fees, as well as many of the other costs and fees associated with selling and moving.
  • Homeowner’s insurance - Since our capital investors will become the new owners of your house, they will pay for the homeowner’s insurance. As a tenant, you are responsible for a cost-friendly renter’s insurance policy to protect your personal belongings. For perspective, the average annual renter’s insurance cost is only $180 per year, compared to homeowner’s insurance at $1,899 per year.
  • Property taxes  - The taxes you accumulated throughout the calendar year up until your closing date are your responsibility, however, you do not have to worry about future taxes.

8. Am I tied to the full terms of my lease?

The short answer is, yes. Like any housing rental agreement, you sign a lease and must follow its terms and conditions. After we agree on a timeline, we expect you to stay in the home until our agreed-upon vacate date. Should you find a new home sooner than expected and be ready to move early, fees for breaking the lease terms will apply. These fees will be clearly outlined in your lease agreement and will vary based on your home’s value and the remaining length of your lease period.

9. Can I repurchase my home after I sell it to you?

No. We know it can be hard to say goodbye, however, the point of our home sale-leaseback program is to help you transition into the next chapter of your life. You are selling your house to start over in a better financial position— and we’re here to help you ease into your new home with less debt and stress.

10. What areas do you serve?

We serve homeowners located across the United States. To see if your city applies, fill out the form below.

11. I see you partner with agents/realtors. How does that relationship work?

Agents can refer clients to us if they are not interested or prepared to sell and move, and still collect a commission.

12. How can I get started?

Does our home sale-leaseback program sound like the right fit for you and your family? Find out if you are eligible here: Do I Qualify? 

Why A Home Sale-Leaseback?

Our Cash & Stay program isn’t anything like refinancing or reverse mortgage. These are loans that you must eventually pay back. In a home sale-leaseback arrangement, you sell us your home and get quick access to your valuable home equity. Then you’ll lease your home as a temporary renter. Curious to learn more about how home sale-leaseback works?

Why a Home Sale-Leaseback?


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Reviews From Happy Customers

Angela M.
Fort Worth, TX Resident

I don't know where I would be had it not been for Stay Frank's program. When everyone was saying no, sorry, can't help; Stay Frank. said no problem. The staff is phenomenal! They answered all of my questions. Thank you!

Mark V.
Phoenix, Arizona Resident

Stay Frank. provided and excellent service with their Cash & Stay program. They met all our needs and prior to Andy and his team reaching out, there were not many options. We had a hard time with any other company meeting our needs. Needed to lease prior to our new home being completed and we got it with Stay Frank. Much easier to plan our move without having to do it twice which has allowed my family to concentrate elsewhere. The everlasting relationship built with this company is the best and I gladly would recommend their services.

Steve F.
Phoenix, AZ Resident

I am doing much better now that I found this opportunity to be able to get ahead in my situation and still stay in my home. I am on disability and do not have many options to help me with my mortgage needs. Andrew and Stephanie were very helpful and took the time to walk me through the process. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate with the team at Stay Frank. Thank you for everything.

Rebecca R.
Phoenix, AZ Resident

Selling my house was so easy. They are very professional and are with you every step of the way. Highly recommend.