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A homeowner might come to you having been turned down by lenders or mortgage brokers— ultimately, feeling pressured to sell their home to access their equity. Instead of them having to uproot their whole family to rent or buy another temporary space, let this potential client know they have another option: StayFrank.

With our Cash & Stay program, the struggling homeowner can stay in their same comfortable home, with quick cash to get back on their feet. Later, when the homeowner is ready to move, you have created a trusting relationship with your client and you've built in the opportunity to be the buyer agent for their next home. Your customer feels taken care of and you earn your commission with ease. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever seen one.

Nurture a future transaction

Build Up Your Pipeline

Are you a real estate agent looking to expand your network and gain access to a monthly list of engaged leads? Our realtor lead referral program might be the answer for you! By signing up for our program, you'll receive a steady stream of potential clients who are actively seeking assistance with their financial and real estate needs.

Best part? These leads are in a major metro that will be exclusively dedicated to you, and are carefully screened, ensuring that you're connecting with engaged prospects who are serious about their financial future and potentially selling a property--with little competition. Our program is an excellent way to expand your network, enrich your client base, and provide alternative solutions to homeowners in need. With our program, you'll be well on your way to building a thriving real estate business. Sign up today and start receiving high-quality leads on a regular basis.

Land a future cash sale

Mortgage Brokers / Lenders

Nurture a future transaction

Sometimes, an interested buyer isn’t your ideal clientele— today. They might be six months behind on their mortgage, in forbearance, and having other financial difficulties. As a broker or lender, there isn’t much you can do except advise they sell their property... Until now. 

Instead of simply turning them away, refer these homeowners to Stay Frank. With our Cash & Stay program, they can stay in their home as a renter for a year or two without disruption. Our program gives the homeowner quick access to their equity to get back on their feet and rebuild their credit. After the terms of the arrangement end and the family’s credit score is back in a healthy place, you can qualify them for a house again. You get your fee— and maybe even a nice referral for saving them from moving twice.

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